About Failab

Failab is the home for projects I make during my weekends and holidays. Failab is NOT a registered trade entity. The dream is to convert it to my own company in the future. Hopefully, one day it will generate enough revenue for that.

I am currently based in Munich, Germany. I am the sole developer behind these apps. Most of my apps are completely free. Failab apps never collect any data or show ads.

The apps were created out of my own necessities. As I work full time and have a big wish list for new apps, I do not have enough time to revisit individual apps quite often. That is why I make sure the first release(s) have the most features and the least bugs. Nonetheless, I keep my apps up-to-date. The changelogs are the testament to that.

I love hearing your feedback. As I do not get much revenue from the apps, your feedback and kind words are the fuel that keeps me going. If you have anything to share, feel free to contact me. As always, reviews/ratings on the app stores are highly appreciated.

In case you feel extra generous, you can send me some coffee or beer money at my Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee thing. :)

If you want to keep updated and learn about new apps being released, you can also follow me on Twitter and other social networks.

Love, Faisal

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