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Best Hacker News App for Android and iOS - completely free.

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Create personal budget sheet or invoice without complex formula!

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Realtime bandwidth monitor application for macOS devices.
Present your keystrokes on screen with style.
Beautiful and Fast Clipboard manager app for macOS.

I've been looking for an app that shows the actual output of the pressed keys for a long time. This app shows e.g. the € symbol pressing the key combination alt-E (German layout). What I know no other app can do, is to display the output of uppercase and lowercase letters. This app does that. A fantastic app. The developer responds quickly and 100% to requests and suggestions. I can't recommend this app highly enough...

Jan Kara


Incredible extension. I tried other auto grouping extensions such as Mark Tab Manager, but my browser became a mess as it tried to group already opened tabs and windows, and it did not play well with The Marvellous Suspender, which is a must have for me to reduce my memory footprint since I open LOTS of tabs. With Tabius, it's a totally different beast! The philosophy is very different...



I used MenuMeters for many years (with only up/down speeds showing). Moving to a new M1 Mac I didn't want to install Rosetta just for this feature. Scaler Bandwidth Monitor does exactly what I want and does it beautifully. Minimal design and a modern app. Fantastic. I give it 5-Stars because it is pretty much perfect ...



  • This is exactly the extension I needed, an extension that would auto-group tabs with Chrome's Tab Groups feature. I love the function where it groups tabs based on the same opening tab. Life-saver. Thanks for making this extension!
  • Simple, customizable and functional for reading HN! Amazing first release! (:
    Jue FeiTrilby
  • Discovered the tool via Reddit. Simple and informative. Just the way I want it to be.
  • This is app just happens to be the perfect solution for my youtube tutorials. It's easy to set up and looks beautiful. It has a lot of customizations but also good looking predefined themes available, that you can just start typing right away.
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